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18 Aug 2021

MESSAGE FROM THE PUBLISHER COVID AND THE MERRIWA RINGER As we tread the waters of lock down again, the Merriwa Ringer would like to wish their dedicated sponsors and readers safe keeping in this time. We would also like to inform our readers that this week minimal printing of the Ringer occurred, and we are sorry if you have not been able to obtain

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05 Aug 2021

PBL LAUNCH Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) was successfully launched on July 23. A short video was compiled by students and staff to explain PBL at Merriwa Central School. This PBL video will be uploaded to the school facebook page. All Students enjoyed the colour run in the afternoon despite the winter weather. Thanks to staff and students f

29 Jul 2021

Celebrating Around Our Yarning Circle Wonderful people never really leave. They always leave a special gift and, in our case, not only do we have lots of memories of Mrs Cunningham’s time at Cassilis, she also bought the school a gorgeous mat for our yarning circle. The staff and students were amazed at her generosity and beautifully written card w

19 Jul 2021

Congratulations and well done to Mrs Nairne and her fabulous team of helpers for holding a very successful community morning tea. Thank you to everyone who baked, attended and donated money. $310.00 was raised for the Cancer Council.

24 Jun 2021

ALIENS AT MERRIWA CENTRAL SCHOOL On Tuesday June 15, a spaceship was discovered by students at primary campus. The marvellous and suspicious spacecraft had crashed to the ground, leaving a spectacular mess! The impressive spaceship was average sized and grey all over. It had two sleek wings, four black rocket boosters and some fascinating tubes con