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Cross Country Carnival Update

Cross Country Colour Explosion Run4Fun

Merriwa Central School is holding our annual combined Primary and Secondary Cross Country Carnival on Friday March 22.  For the first time, students will have the opportunity to participate in a Run4fun Colour Explosion event and fundraise for the school.

Races are set to kick off from 12.50pm.  Students have a choice whether to run their cross country race as a ‘competitor’ or as a ‘fun run’ participant.  A ‘colour run’ involves students completing their cross country course distances much like the ‘competitors’ race.  The main difference, of course, is that students participating in the colour run will be dusted with coloured powder on their white clothes as they complete the course.  There will be a number of stations strategically positioned throughout the course with staff members taking control of the colour being squirted on students to ensure safe participation.  ‘Colour Run’ participants will have their own ‘lane’ to run on the track so that ‘competitors’ who wish not to participate in the colour run will avoid being squirted with colour.  Once competitors have completed their race, they are welcome to take part in a ‘fun’ lap to enjoy the day.

MCS has conducted an extensive risk assessment for the running of the Cross country Run4Fun Colour Explosion Carnival.  There will be ample Emergency Care trained staff supervising students on and off the course. 

A hydration station will be provided for rehydration during the event.  The coloured powders we will use in our event are non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and skin safe.  Students with lung issues such as asthma are advised to be careful in their decision to participate.  Staff will be in control of the powder stations at all times and each station is located strategically around the course maximising ventilation.  Staff will undergo training of how to use the powders.  The support of parents is welcomed and highly encouraged on the day.  Spectators are not permitted to run with students in the course at any time.  Some seating will be available on the grandstands at the western end of the arena.  Alternatively, you can bring along a picnic blanket or chair.  We ask that all vehicles remain outside the perimeter of the showground’s and that gates remain closed.

The Cross Country Carnival is a compulsory school day and all students are encouraged to be involved in the fun and competition on the day.  Students wanting to participate in the colour run must wear a WHITE t-shirt or polo shirt to maximise the colour fun.  Students who wish to race ‘competitively’ are to be in appropriate running attire such as their full PE uniform.

Please note, students wishing to participate in the Run4Fun Colour Explosion must return a signed permission form to the school before the day of the event.